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Cyber War

In this dystopic near-future, neuro-headsets have replaced computer keyboards. It’s the Internet at the speed of thought. As teen hacker Sam Wilson becomes familiar with the new technology, he has a terrifying realization: when you can plug your brain into the internet, what's to stop hackers from hacking into your mind?

Suggested Age Range: 10 yrs +

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- Kirkus Reviews - August 2010

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WOWOW!!! Okay, this isn't quite a word you'd use for a review, but from the beginning I was hooked....

- Jacketflap - August 2010

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This is a red hot cyber suspense tale of extraordinary proportions…...

- Richie Partington, Richie's Picks - July 2010

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Tension is unrelenting in this fast-paced action novel…...

- Children's Book Council of Australia - November 2009

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Brain Jack is a suspenseful story that I could hardly bear to put down....

- Pat Pledger, Readplus - April 2010

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I love the prologue to Brainjack with its warning to readers…...

- Iain Sharp, Metro Magazine - May 2010

Cool apocalyptic stuff, with a little philosophising woven into the action....

- Virginia Larson, North & South Magazine - May 2010

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A must have for any collection…...

- Childrens Book Spot - July 2010

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Fascinating and enjoyable...

- Fiona Edwards, Bookseller and Publisher Magazine - August 2009

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Exciting reading...

- Crissi Blair, NZ Book Council Newsletter - November 2009

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A great read...

- Reading Time Magazine, - November 2009

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A great roller coaster...

- Rona Books - January 2010

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- Christchurch City Libraries Blog - October 2009

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A cracker of a tale...

- Tim Cavanough, New Books (Australia) - November 2009

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Hacking into your Brain...

- Ann Packer, Dominion Post - September 2009

Some parts freaked me out, but I still couldn’t stop reading....

- Jo Burnell, The Reading Stack - January 2010

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From page one Brainjack provides enough twists and turns to keep the reader eager for more......

- Jeff Herd, Fiction Focus - March 2010

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